The current state of app piracy

Dear readers,

This is My Game and it has been pirated.

In this short article i would like to share my thoughts on the current state of app piracy. It has recently come to my attention that my first game after making a stable couple of sales per day has been pirated and is available for download in china completely illegally. This bothers me a little so i have taken it upon my self to get in contact with these Chinese pirates and i will post the response that i receive from them when / if it comes in.

The letter kindly states for the pirates to remove the app from their websites otherwise ‘further action will be taken’ it has been translated into Chinese for their convenience.

It is my hope to bring awareness on this issue to other app developers who may not know that their app is being pirated around the world you might think ‘oh my app only makes a few 100 dollars a year’ but i tell you my app has only made a small portion of money and been out for the last 10 days and it has already been pirated and downloaded more than 20 times.

so please comment on this issue and show your support for the app developers who spend countless hours of their time while holding full time jobs to make a living and support their family by sharing this and informing others.

Kind Regards

i developed this XNA Based Rhythm Game as a test for future game concepts with the help of a kind youtube user who provided me his source code for bpm calculation i was able to develop this DDR styled rhythm game its not yet complete and its missing a lot of features but one day it may be a complete game.