1GAH – The Dropper Demo

Chilling at home after GGJ13 feeling happy and a little hyperactive i decided it was time to make another game. so i decided to participate in 1GAH / OGAH a new game jam i invented to cure my obsessive need to create stuff…. 1 Game An Hour.

The idea of 1GAH is to create a game idea in an hour and prototype it. do this a few times a week and you’ll have a nice solid collection of game mechanics you could expand upon later. Or potentially an entire project waiting for you.

Rules: No planning, No Thinking, No Sequels  Pick a topic run with it whatever you have at the end of the hour is your game  welcome to 1GAH.

The idea of my quick little physics based puzzler is to see how far down you can get in this cave? bookshelf? pool? stack of cubes? whatever you want to call it.

I may end up fleshing this out with some graphics and potentially some more mechanics tnt boxes etc? procedural level generation but who knows.

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