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HistoricalProjectPostmortemRQUEST 2

Name: Ryan Quest 2
Date: 19/2/2005
My Age: 14
Developed In: Visual Basic 6.0

So after a few days of development i had eventually worked my self the basis of what would become the bones of an engine structure that would carry me through the next 3 or so years of development. RQuest 2 was born and contained a bunch of updates to the way it worked. The map format i was using had undergone some basic optimizations as i cut the fat. the basic level editor was updated to include some more advanced features such as a basic flood fill system and tile offsets. overall this was my first real accomplishment in the game programming world. I had begun the basis of an interpretive runner where map files + script files would come together to make a basic game. I had added a basic dialog chat system so you could communicate to the NPC’s and don’t quote me on this but i think there was the beginnings of a basic questing system in there.

Overall i was extremely happy with myself for creating this. Some might say Abundantly pleased considering i had absolutely no idea what i was doing.

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