Standing Desk!

Earlier this week I posted an image of my makeshift standing desk using cardboard and old pieces of ikea wood.

After using that desk for about a week I decided that I liked the standing desk idea so i decided to commit to some new ikea pieces and build something elegant and functional.

Overall it was not complicated to make the time came from adding my own pilot holes and measuring things with a crappy 15cm ruler I had laying around to get them centred

Today… may I present to you the Ry-Desk, yes my name is Ryan ๐Ÿ™‚

I will be posting instructions to make this later PS Ignore the messy house ๐Ÿ™‚


Standing Desks?

Having recently had some health problems that left me some what immobile for a few weeks and hearing about the rise of the standing desk I figured….. well hey lets give it a shot and see what the fuss is about.

Thus let me present to you all the cardboard-standing-desk-thing-o-ma-bob



The ironic and funny thing about this desk… its its completely eco friendly made from recyclable cardboard and ikea products.

To make this you’ll need

About 5 minutes.
Two Cardboard boxes to hold your ikea keyboard holder.
One Ikea Clothing Rack still in the box to stand your monitors on.
And an Ikea Desk ย with adjustable height legs so can make this the perfect size for you.


This is a parody…. but I am actually using this XD to see if a standing desk is right for me.

Maybe this can help me be a little bit more productive and feel better in the long run.

Switching to NodeJS and MongoDB

This isn’t a tutorial or anything like that, merely something i felt like sharing.

Recently I’ve switched jobs and part of that switch involved moving from a microsoft .net environment to a nodejs mongodb environment.

I was initially extremely hesitant to try these languages / technologies coming to the party with a wealth of back end knowledge and not much front end experience i had a lot to catch up on in a very short time.

Some of the things I’ve learnt in recent weeks such as jquery underscore mongoose passportjs express locomotive and various other frameworks seemed daunting at first but have proved to be amazingly fun and easy to work with.

So if you were sitting on the fence about making the switch then I’d urge you to try out node and mongodb it takes a little while to get your head around a nosql database and working in callback hell but its well worth it in the long run.