Game Development Tips #1 – Finding assets

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By WesleyFG

Finding Assets Online

When you begin a game project you might have this amazing idea of how your game will come out but it is extremely hard to visualize without matching assets. Thankfully there’s a lot of resources online and many options presented to you as a developer to find great assets. Here is a small list and some notes that I have to say about each.

Open Game Art

This is a great place to find game assets with most requiring only a mention in your games credits or a link to the owners website. Just be sure to check what the requirements of each asset are before using them open game art provides links to the licences and simplified descriptions of what the licence requirements entail.

Envato Networks

Finding Assets Is Easy Now

This company plays host to a bunch of website namely themeforest activeden graphicriver photodune audiojungle and a bunch more this is one of my primary sources of audio assets and website themes however recently there has been a huge spike in game related assets appearing on graphic river such as tilesets characersets user interfaces and many more. I’ve taken the liberty of searching the whole website and creating a collection of game assets from graphic river Graphic River – Game Assets Collection.

Here’s a link to my two favourite items on graphic river I have used these both in past projects. Platformer Pixelart Sprite Bundle and Top Down Pixelart Sprite Bundle.


These guys have been around since the dawn of unity3D most of their assets are tuned towards unity however nothing is stopping you from downloading their asset packs and pulling out the bits you need for use in any engine. Keep in mind its not just game related assets these guys make and distribute they have full game packs tutorials artwork and sound effects

The Unity 3D Asset Store

This is an amazing place to get assets for your games there is a huge community backing unity 3D both indie and professional and as such many of these users have created and submitted amazing scripts resources sound effects 3D models even full environment packs. While once again these assets are usually tailored to Unity3D and scripts tailored to the engine there is absolutely nothing stopping you from extracting what you need from these assets. In my own personal projects I’ve found many scripts on the unity asset store that I’ve purchased or downloaded free in most cases these would not just ‘Plug In’ and work in other engines but they’ve helped me out in understanding algorithms or code related effects that I would not have grasped without a good example.

Dont forget to subscribeTwitter

Twitter is an amazing place to find assets I’ve made so many friends on twitter and most of you are probably the people reading this! The amazing thing about making friends on twitter is that if you are talking with the right community i.e the people posting to #gamedev and #ss you will inevitably meet game artists. Most of these people will always be willing to work on projects with you and game jams you just have to meet the right people while this can take time it is defiantly worth growing your social network. In my own personal experience I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing and talented people whom I’ve met on twitter not just artists but audio engineers, other game developers, game designers and artists when there’s more than one person working on a project your always more inspired to finish what you start AND have fun doing it!

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