Video Tags – Tag your videos during recording

CaptureSo i’ve been recording let’s play series’s for a while now and there’s one huge problem I encountered when I talk a lot i.e reading dialogue from games i tend to need to cough or clear my throat which poses a bit of an editing nightmare…

Now I’m sure I’m not the only one who has this problem so i looked for a way to leave some marks or tags in my recording software and couldn’t find anything so i decided that i could write up a small application to deal with this task.

Enter Video Tags

Video¬†Tags is a very simple application that allows you to setup a few shortcuts on your keyboard one for “Recording Start” one for “Recording End” and one for “Take Note” with these 3 keyboard shortcuts you can now silently leave notes during your live recordings.

Simply set the start and end keyboard shortcuts to be the same as what your screen/game capture software uses and the timestamps will be in sync then when you cough or make a mistake that you want to edit out in post production simply press the “Take Note” keyboard shortcut and an event will be registered in the events list.

Once your recording is over… you can simply save these timestamped events out to a file along side your video footage for editing at your leasure.

The software is completely freeware you can download it right here:

Video Tags 1.1

You will need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 for this to work.

For more information about how it works check out my demonstration video on youtube:

Please leave any comments, feedback and bug reports in the comments section here!

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