Digital Game Stores

It wasn’t that long ago that I remember game publishers and digital game / eshops fighting as hard as they could to convince you that they could save you money. I used to remember publishers shoving lines as hard as they could saying “Since there’s no box, transit costs and manual printing your games will be significantly cheaper!”

Well this is a throwback to those days where buying a game digitally was actually cheaper and worked in your favor. Looking back It’s clear to see what happened, publishers and producers dropped the boxes lowering their costs, increased security and copy protection and slowly jacked the prices back up to beyond where they were before.

It’s no wonder at all why big game studios and publishers are cashing in with record profits they pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes and shoved their hands further down your pockets.

Looking back about 4 – 5 years ago, the days when you could purchase a PC game in a store we were paying roughly $50 Australian dollars and digitally it was more like $30 ~ $40 depending on who you were dealing with. But what is going on today? digital game prices are well over $100 for the early pre-launch special mega bonus edition.

That’s a digital! game for over $100 and that’s a fairly low price I’ve seen games recently in EBGames (GameStop) at over $150 for the deluxe edition! okay sure you get a metal tin but STILL how is this justified.

Not to mention all the new rules and regulations that come with digital games which I wont list in detail here since the length of this post would explode, but I’m sure we’re all aware of the common flaws with the system; no returns, no trades to friends, drm, online checks, forced email spam (companies who force you to register an account first etc) and the list could go on for infinity.

And okay with currency conversions and the value of the dollar over time in contrast to those few years ago some would argue that it all works out about the same well I can promise you that it doesn’t if you don’t want to take my word for it run the numbers I guarantee that the publishers of today have their hands far deeper in your pockets than they did 5 years ago.

I don’t really know where this article is going, I don’t have any hard facts or pretty stat graphics to show you I just wanted to get this off my chest and remind you about what is happening in this world. I personally and sincerely hope that one day this industry, this world and the inhabitants of it can go back to a time when Design, Quality and a Good Product came before Marketing, Sales Projections and Targeted Advertising

I don’t have high hopes that it can ever be achieved and I don’t believe it was ever like that purely to begin with but I hope If you read this and have the opportunity to change something for the better not just games and products but anything in general that you take it and put something out into the universe that hopefully resonates with someone else be it a customer, friend, family member etc.

Thanks for reading my rant I wont advertise my social media at the end of this post since that would be hypocritical this blog receives a decent amount of traffic and if you have an article or place on the internet that has free information of value then comment it in the section below and I will approve it in the spirit of this posts message.

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