Rm2kdev Updates For 2018

The year is ending

2017 is rapidly coming to an end abruptly and if you’ve been following me for a while you’ve probably seen over the last month or so a lot of changes coming to the channel, website, and rm2kdev as a whole. Time for the new years resolutions, so lets have a chat about all the changes and whats coming over 2018.


To start, the entire brand has been overhauled to this delicious red with a new icon and font, as such all my social media accounts such as YouTube have had massive overhauls the channel icon has changed, video branding is different and they start with an awesome jazzy intro now to get you pumped for the video to come.

New videos and New Video Types are coming too:

  • New Game Maker Tutorials
  • New Unity Tutorials
  • Premium Tutorials On Patreon (Unity 2D RPG Anyone?)
  • Possibly a book!
  • “Lets build” series’s with live streams
  • Viewer projects
  • Book Reviews


I’ve introduced a patron page now, a way for fans like you (hopefully) to directly fund the channel and help push us in a direction that suits your viewing style as well as getting some epic rewards like your name featured in tutorial videos, early access to videos before they arrive on YouTube, and a private discord channel where we can talk about your projects and assist with issues or technical questions.


Twitter has always been a cornerstone of our conversations, you can find me here every day often angry at the government for introducing some crappy tax or posting photos of food and games not much is changing here just the way it looks.

Whats to come

Looking back this year was pretty slow, we had a couple of videos here and there but nothing of substance this was mostly my fault with time being constrained by work related activities (which is still the case) however i think 2018 is going to be different I have recruited some help in running the social accounts here with the help of the LOVELY patreons without whom this channel would have died multiple times over (shameless plug, please help) and can spend my spare time focusing on more on content creation than administration.

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