Free Game Maker Assets SALE

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Simple Particle Editor

Simple Particle Editor is an asset that adds to game maker a complete functioning in-room particle editor so you can design, test and develop your particle systems right inside game maker without ever having to write a single line of particle code again!


Shmup Bullet Hell Math

Full bullet hell mechanics for spawning bullets.

5 Emitter Types, with 5 Demo rooms.


RM2 Framework

A base game, a collection of helper functions to get you started immediately, These are the things I create every time I start a project, connected together and working in such a way that you can get started making your game instantly.


Visual Game Curves

Allows you to use “Paths” as value curves within your game, Comes with a little mini top down shooter demo that makes use of player level, experience and an ‘exp curve’


Virtual Joy

Virtual joy provides you with a fully customisable and simple way to implement on screen joysticks.



Smooth Cameras

Smooth Cameras is a library for Game Maker Studio that allows you to easily implement customisable smooth cameras in to your game.


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