Game Maker UI Framework

What is Game Maker UI Framework?

Game Maker UI Framework is an attempt at bringing some simple yet powerful common controls to the game maker engine such as: Windows, Buttons, Checkboxes, Switches, Labels and more. By doing this we allow you to create richer, more dynamic and engaging user interfaces for your games saving you development time and allowing you to focus on core game play.


For a long time Game Maker users have struggled to accomplish rich engaging windows such as Title Screens, Pause, Options, Level select and many more, Often rewriting the similar pieces of code for each project and wasting valuable time that could be spent developing your game.

What does it support?

Currently our version 1.0 beta we have a dynamic window manager that supports:

  • Multiple Windows.
  • Automated Depth Calculation.
  • Automatic focus based on user input.
  • Click Rejection for objects under windows on other windows.
  • Automatic control binding based on position.
  • Customizable Skins.
  • Any Size.

And a series of rich data driven components such as:

  • Text boxes with password protection, default text, activity highlighting and advanced backspace controls with auto-repeat functionality.
  • Buttons with dynamic text, enable/disable functionality.
  • Checkboxes with labels.
  • On/Off Switches.

All of which support customizable skins and themes. These components were developed with a Microsoft .net interface style where objects can be accessed via logic methods such as “txt_Username.text” or “chk_Remember.checked”

Future Updates?

The Game Maker UI Framework is developed in such a way that we abstract all of your games logic away from the core features and functionality of the system. This means that future updates can be installed into your games simply by reimporting the latest version of the components.

Full Source?

The entire source code for Game Maker UI Framework is included with this product so that if you desire a component that has not yet been released or simply wish to add new features or create your own custom components you can implement them following our simple object hierarchy to achieve seamless integration with existing features such a windows and click rejection.

Detailed usage documentation coming soon, for now please refer to the demo room and demo objects.


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