UPDATE: it looks like twitter tried to block tweetdeckr from working, just download this ‘update’ and replace the exe in your previous instal directory and it will work again!

Welcome to Tweetdeckr an open source Tweetdeck replacement client. As of the 15th April 2016 Twitter is officially discontinuing tweetdeck for windows. Tweetdeckr aims to be a simple drop in replacement for the previous version.


Completely open source on Github so you can see exactly how it works (And make sure it doesnt do anything weird with your passwords 😛 heh) Currently this is version 0.1 an early alpha there is no auto update mechanism so you will have to check back here every once in a while for new versions or just clone the git repo.

Alternatively Downloadable binaries can be found here:

Windows – 32 bit, 64 bit
Mac – 32 bit, 64 bit
Linux – 32 bit, 64 bit

Sorry about the filesize… nwjs is large >.>

And finally, a special thank you to everyone who joined me on the twitch streams while we built this software and all the help you gave retweeting things and staring posts while we tested notifications and tested out api hooks etc big thanks!