Space Craft Alpha 0.01 Public Demo


Just to let you all know the public alpha of space craft is now available please find it Located Here

Please understand this game has been in development for only a few days! so it is extremely unfinished we are working hard and updates will be made regularly were hoping to launch this game on facebook, ios, android, mac and pc but for now the html version is the only version avaliable

Please let us know your feed back as it is EXTREMELY important to the development process what would you like to see!

Overview of SpaceCraft To The Stars


Welcome to an overview of spacecraft to the stars, So as many of you know by now Jenn from Happy UFO Studios and i Ryan of rm2kdev have been working on a new game called “SpaceCraft – To The Stars”.

I’ve uploaded a few videos since beginning development but i just thought maybe its time to give you all a proper rundown of how the mechanics work and what the game is about.

SpaceCraftSpaceCraft is a game about building a ship and flying it to the stars you use

engine parts and design your ship in a 3 by 4 grid.

Each part has unique properties and these begin with both   fuelcell_1 fuel and Otank oxygen

as you can see from the picture on the left you only have a limited amount of storage but your goal is to reach the stars how much fuel and oxygen will you take on board your ship? each unit of fuel that you carry will give you 1 second launching and 0.5 kilos of thrust for every oxygen tank you bring aboard your ship the crew will mix the fuel with the air giving you 20% extra launch time and 15% extra thrust per fuel.

Keep in mind that everything you bring aboard your ship adds weight and if your ship is oddly balanced it will fly out of control to combat this we have various parts that you can add to your engine such as the doodad Magnetic Stabilizer this component adds a very light weight to your ship but increases the stability of an unbalanced ship by 10% for each unit of power aboard your ship but this is not the only engine part that consumes power that you can have on board your ship in fact we have OVER 30! unique engine parts each adjusting, adding, or modifying your space crafts characteristics.


However until the game launches the items that have not been announced will remain mysterious and unknown.

As you can see the requirement to carry power and oxygen on your ship as well as the various other components coupled with the limited space in your engine bay and the vast selection of components to choose from will make for 1000’s of potential ship designs

See whats out there in the universe and get “To the stars”

You can find a videos about the current development over at my youtube channel
You can also reach Myself or Jenn on twitter
@rm2kdev / @GMShivers

Focus Grids the future of image editing

After speaking with pixel artists from around the world it occured to me that all of the image editors out there are geared towards image processing and not image creation.

I’ve set out on a mission to develop a piece of software geared specifically for creating pixel art. it is with this mission in mind that i present a new grid for image editors.

Its called the Focus Grid and it helps you to focus on your art work without being obtrusive in 3 ways

Firstly it surrounds your cursor with grid that slowly fades out as it gets further away there’s no need to cover the whole image in dirty black lines…

Secondly a red target in the center of your mouse shows exactly where your next pixel will land

And finally two yellow lines project horizontally and vertically away from your central cross hair allowing you to easily line up your pixels as if you had a ruler on the screen.

All of this is completely customization by the user and any given combination of the above works flawlessly.

Welcome to the future. Focus Grids.