Fabled Vale Unreleased Artwork

Fabled Vale Logo

My dear friends over at fabled vale have sent over some unreleased artwork for their game


keep in mind this is still just a prototype and as such is subject to change if you think this artwork looks cool go and head over to http://igg.me/at/fabledvale and give er a backing! also share this post.

Fabled Vale

Fabled Vale Logo

So a friend of mine @gmshivers on twitter has recently launched her indiegogo campaign for her new game Fabled Vale. Over the past 5 years shes been working on the concept, assets and content while looking for a partner to build this game with.

In her own words:
Fabled Vale will be a free to play Whimsical Fantasy (with a little CyberPunk) Roleplaying game.

But for the full breakdown of details please go and check out the indiegogo campaign

I’ve been given a preview image of Fabled Vale to show you guys please keep in mind that this game is still in development and being actively developed every day full time.

Fabled Vale

Lets go off on a tangent for a second and look at two hugely successful mmorpgs @gmshivers built.

This first game is Aspereta. In which one hilarious member of the highly active community states “OMG TOO MANY FUCKING PPL”


That problem was solved in the highly successful Illutia not at a sacrifice of player count but with the knowledge gained from her previous project the world was scaled up, new environments were made, higher detail art work and many cities stretched the 200,000+ accounts throughout the land thus avoiding congestion in high player areas.


In both cases you can see her amazing art and design skill. both games had reached enormous player counts of 200,000+ accounts and 1000 concurrent connections per server keeping in mind that these games were developed and launched at a time when ‘an indie developer’ was not a term.

Showing us all that she has the intelligence, design, development, business and marketing skills to pull off this new game.

So please to anyone who reads this go and support @gmshivers with her new game on indiegogo.