Mecanim 2D RPG Movement

Description: Create a 2D Animation within unitys mecanim system Summary: We’ll be covering how to setup and reuse a basic animation controller for use in 2D top down rpg styled games. Associated Video: Youtube

Zelda Style Room Movement

Description: Create a 2D Grid of rooms that your hero can move through Summary: In Zelda 1.0 when you reach the edge of a room you are transitioned to another room and placed on the correct edge for the transition. That coupled with the real-time camera views gives you a very dynamic way to create endless […]

Rpg Tutorial Video Series – Parts 1 – 5

Description: A series of videos outlaying the fundamental code behind creating a next-gen like RPG game including the creation and consumption of ‘rpg maker’ type resource files, advanced physics, my personal off the grid mapping techniques, dialogue systems, quests, and ALL the features you would expect from a AAA rpg game. Summary: In this series of […]