Where to Find Great Game Assets?

Game Assets

It’s a question I’m asked daily, Indie Game Developers just starting out their new side careers, Game Development Students, Professionals we’re all facing the same problem! Where do I find GOOD assets for my project. It’s very hard to find game artists willing to work with you on your ideas let alone work with you for free on the hopes and dreams that one day the vision will make you both millionaires.

Unless you’re one of the privileged few to have found or made a solid team online to work with then your out of luck when it comes to affordable customized good quality game assets and so I give to you the 11 places that I find game assets for my solo work.

P.S. there’s no reason why you cant buy an asset pack in unity only to use those graphical resources in Game Maker or RPG Maker now I’m no lawyer so don’t quote me on that check the license.

Open Game Art

This place is amazing there are so many great assets hidden in the depths of open game art however it is littered with for lack of a better word… crap and their filtering and searching features are sub par at best. There really is some great stuff here but you’re going to have to look hard to find it!

Gamedev Market

While it hasn’t been around for very long this marketplace has quickly taken off seeing hundreds of Game Asset designers flocking to start selling their art here. It has a great rewards system and a good sense of community you’ll be sure to find some gems on this one.

Unity Asset Store

This asset store has one of the largest communities going they have so many resources available its not funny. Most of the resources are geard towards 3D Users but nevertheless they still have a sizeable 2D category.

Graphic River

Still my personal favorite the Envato Marketplaces are some of the best going they have stricter moderation on the content that is uploaded which means all the artwork is usually higher quality game ready type stuff. This is the first place I check when I’m looking for assets just due to the sheer number they have. They also have really good searching and filtering features and a bunch of sister sites for everything like logos, sounds, video effects etc.

RPG Maker Web

It goes without saying that these assets are going to be geared towards Role Playing Games but if that’s your thing then this is your place! All of the game assets you find here are going to be pre-formatted for use in rpg maker versions but they are still great and I use them all the time.

Game Maker Marketplace

YoYoGames has only recently launched their market place but its started to grow you’ll find some decent assets here but again like open game art this marketplace has no to limited moderation or quality control so we’re going to see a lot more get rich quick schemes in here but thankfully it has decent content filtering and search capabilities.


This used to be called the Game Salad Marketplace but it was changed to GS Helper, And as would be implied by now this is the marketplace created and used by the Game Salad community I cant say I’ve had much experience with this one but looking through their pages they have a few decent assets so I though it was worth a mention.

Graphic Buffet

A relativly small marketplace with some fairly good assets. Most of this stuff is SVG so it would be a good fit for any game with ‘that style’ if you get what i mean? 🙂

Game Art 2D

pzUH is a guy from Indonesia with some serious art talent. You’ll probably find his assets floating around the internet on all sorts of market places because he has SO many damn good ones again most of this stuff is going to be SVG so unless your game is ‘that style’ then these probably wont be that useful for you but if it is ‘that style’ then you are in for a treat!

Kenny Assets

This dude is an absolute legend in the indie development community he has created an ever expanding library of assets that caters to essentially every single need that could ever be needed. Kenny’s assets are CC0 which means absolutely royalty free…. no purchases, no watermarks, no credits, no limitations absolutely nothing these are yours once you download them to do whatever you want with.

Kenny does take donations and if you do use his work i’d seriously recommend buying him a couple of coffee’s because the work he has done for free… in his own time… for the goodness and kindness to everyone in the game development community should be rewarded Buy Kenny Totally Optional

Scirra Royalty Free Assets

Brought to you by the people who made construct and construct 2 comes the Scirra Royalty Free Asset Marketplace! Quite a few nice assets over here so again I thought I’d mention it. I don’t use it often but I have used it once in the past.

UnLucky Studio

This one was suggested by a reader who left a comment on this post! I checked it out and this site appears to offer some great free gamedev resources as well as some guides for programmers to create their own art and a udemy course.


This one came in an email to me from the website owners, i had a look through their site and it looks like they have plenty of quality assets so i thought i would add it to this list for you all!

The Ultimate Deathmatch – Developer Log #5

This is just a quick demonstration of the new weapons system. It has improved physics and support for multiple weapon types. previously I was limited by my design choices to weapons of the same shape and physical characteristics henceforth most weapons ended up being physical sticks or swords etc.

In this build of the game we’ve added
Farmers Scythe
Samurai Swords
Baseball Bats
Boxing Gloves
Baseball Launcher (What you’d find at the baseball pitching range)
Bows & Arrows

As part of the new weapons architecture each weapon has adjustable animations, frequency for projectile weapons, and attack power as well as projectile forces i.e. bows have a lower force than baseballs launched from a baseball launcher vs a bow but bows cause bleeding damage.

The overhauled physics system contains a new system that calculates the angle of impact and apply’s force to your opponent in that direction the idea here is that you may be able to force people down wells or back them into holes with more powerful weapons etc.

Anyway, Please subscrube to the blog for more updates on The Ultimate Deathmatch

The Best Tips For Game Developers

Hello All!
This is a collection of my thoughts… raw and unedited after watching this you will come out a better developer i promise. I go over how to teach yourself to think for yourself how to solve your own problems and not get stuck while your developing.

I try my hardest to explain how to free yourself from the limitations of ‘what you know’ and become a problem solving developer who can make anything.

The video is structured as follows:

My introduction and ramblings
00:00 – Greetings
01:05 – Developing Tile Consistency
03:35 – The Best Advice Ever
04:53 – How to Learn

Examples and lessons
09:00 – Breaking Down 2D Collisions
13:03 – Breaking Down Monster AI
15:50 – Breaking Down Monster AI Part 2
17:05 – Breaking Down Attack Mechanics
21:15 – My Experiences
24:00 – Judgement Calls
26:00 – Conclusions


So this is just a quick screenshot of a platformer game i whipped up as a demo.

Currently it has colliding blocks, basic physics, double jumping, and moving platforms which to my surprise were a lot harder to implement than i thought it would be.

This will be the basis of my next game about death in as many ways as possible while trying to reach a goal after Biolab Chronicles is finished.