The Ultimate Deathmatch – Developer Log #5

This is just a quick demonstration of the new weapons system. It has improved physics and support for multiple weapon types. previously I was limited by my design choices to weapons of the same shape and physical characteristics henceforth most weapons ended up being physical sticks or swords etc.

In this build of the game we’ve added
Farmers Scythe
Samurai Swords
Baseball Bats
Boxing Gloves
Baseball Launcher (What you’d find at the baseball pitching range)
Bows & Arrows

As part of the new weapons architecture each weapon has adjustable animations, frequency for projectile weapons, and attack power as well as projectile forces i.e. bows have a lower force than baseballs launched from a baseball launcher vs a bow but bows cause bleeding damage.

The overhauled physics system contains a new system that calculates the angle of impact and apply’s force to your opponent in that direction the idea here is that you may be able to force people down wells or back them into holes with more powerful weapons etc.

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