Drift Mania Gymkhana

So i recorded a small demo and decided the direction of the game, its going to be  3 open area levels with a set start position and various challenges throughout them. You get points based on your drifts and loose points for hitting cones or going off the track.

From the menu screen you’ll be able to select Practice or Rated modes. After choosing your mode you’ll be able to select your map, in practice mode you have as much time as you like to explore the map and find a nice flow from the starting point for your drifting pleasure when you feel comfortable with the map layout and have found yourself a good flow. You can switch to rated mode, in rated mode you’ll have 2 minutes to rack up as many points as possible when the time is up your score is submitted to the global high score list where you can compete with the world to be the Drift Hero.

I might add some kind of car choice / player customization but i don’t want to add any ‘performance’ upgrade type things as this will unbalance the high score list. the idea of the global challenge is that everyone competes with the same hardware and skill + training decide what your score will be not money earn’t in some single player mode that lets you spec out your car like crazy.

I’ve optimized the physics scoring is now based on the angular momentum of your drift as are tire marks.

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