Historical Project – XNA Rpg Engine


So this project was made back in June 2010, for a farming game i was working on at the time. I made this map editor in roughly 4 hours but i had thoroughly planned the features of this engine before hand.

At this point in time i was still evolving my technique for map formats it was loosely based around the older PokemonXP and Rquest map format. this was developed with quite an advanced rendering engine where i abstracted draw calls  behind a virtual graphics layer and routed the calls to the appropriate engine initially this was .net’s GDI+ which is fine at what it does but just before i uploaded that video i made a new implementation of my virtual graphics layer and routed the calls through XNA instant performance boost with minimal effort. since then all my games have been designed in this abstract fashion when regarding the graphics api’s no matter what language for maximum portability and efficiency later.

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