Historical Project – Pokemon XP



Name: Pokemon XP
Date: 5/6/ 2003 – 2005
My Age: 13 – 14
Developed In: Visual Basic 6.0

So after spending a long time studying languages and making smaller experiments i decided it was time to make a ‘Game Maker’ and naturally it was based on my favorite game at the time. I actually started this project before R Quest but i didn’t have the necessary skills to complete it then so i went off to study and created RQuest. Initially this engine was using Pokemon gold and silver graphics and somewhere along the line of development Pokemon ruby came out.

In this engine i had created a unique feature that only some of the top end engines at the time were capable of doing that was real time auto-tiles its quite a common technique now-a-days but back in 2003 this was something you would only have seen in a commercial project like RPG Maker.

The math to perform auto-tiles (or terraforming as i called it at the time) confused the hell out of me but eventually i figured it out and it was one of my greatest achievements. I had also invented something called AutoTrees which allowed you to mass place trees into your environment without worrying about how the treetops would connect and look.

This was the first implementation of all the techniques i had previously created and saved. Smooth Scrolling, Auto Transparency, Events, Layers and once again my evolved map structure

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