Hangar:18 Game Development

Made this game prototype in a few hours its coming along quite well. essential its a simple game more arcade than story however there is a little bit of context here so let me fill you in.

Firstly i apologize for the video doing that weird glitch thing? YouTube is just freaking out with the video uploads.

Basically you are a US Air Force Pilot performing your daily sweep over Area 51 your task was to check the area for suspicious activity. After reporting to Ground Control that everything is okay you loose control of your jet and crash land on Hangar 18.

Upon regaining consciousness you evaluate your surroundings to find that Area 51 is abandoned inside and has been over run by jungle. you find your gun, and some ammo and progress to make your way out when you encounter an alien race bent on destruction and chaos along the way you will learn the secrets of Area 51, Why it was abandoned, Why its still guarded and most importantly What happened inside Area 51.

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