What is Indieverse


So this screenshot has been making its way around twitter today and a lot of indie developers and indie game artists are getting excited about the idea of a central platform to support our careers, hobbies and lifestyles.

Many of you know me as @rm2kdev a fellow indie developer who’s had enough of the poor resources we have at our disposal and elitist platforms who single out certain projects above others. This is not the spirit of indie development and i want to do something about it.

But really what is Indieverse?

At its core the base idea is to allow indie developers and resource creators to distribute their content easily. Being a developer and a content provider I’ve often wished for a better solution to:

  1. Find Resources and Assets
  2. Using stock art
  3. Find Coworkers like Artists and Developers
  4. Sell my games
  5. Sell my assets

One of the core problems as an indie developer is finding assets to use in my games I’ve often resorted to outsourcing and getting less than professional results this is where indieverse could help by allowing professional artists to upload and distribute their assets free or commercial for whatever price they feel worth.

There are many other websites doing that but there’s a problem, so you buy this new tileset and make a map with it suddenly you need more resources for that awesome underground subway scene but the pack you purchased doesn’t have any underground assets this is where indielink comes into play. With indielink you can make requests directly to the artists who produced the content you purchased and receive quotes to have the new assets produced.

So we’ve fixed the communication gap between developers and artists by providing an endless stream of paid work for both sides of the fence artists can offer artwork and receive follow up work on these projects from developers and artists can find developers to work with now we’ve set everyone up in a position to begin, create and finish their indie dreams how do you distribute these?

Well your options currently are Steam? Humble Store? Desura?

Greenlight on steam is like winning the lottery even if you have a great game your chances of getting green lit are almost none , the humble store review all games and only approve what they believe is worthy and Desura is so overcrowded that its like throwing your game into a Japanese train where each passenger is competition

We combat this by having a fair and unbiased rotation of games on our homepage as well as daily ‘Check this out’ tweets rotating published items no matter how popular they are. If your game is good and the players enjoy it then you will get noticed and not left in the dark and if your game is not so good you will still be rotated and displayed with equal fairness but sales and downloads will most likely reveal what you can improve for version 2

Not to mention on all these platforms you wont get paid until you reach a minimum sale that differs per platform. Indieverse offers full application hosting with INSTANT PAYMENTS via Paypal, as soon as someone purchases your game/asset/resource you will receive the money in your paypal.

We live in the 21st century and the days of the publisher telling us the creators how much our games are worth and if they are worthy are over.

Welcome to the indieverse

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