RPG Maker Giveaway 17,000 Subscribers

Thanks for participating everyone! the winners have been contacted via google+

To celebrate my YouTube channel rm2kdev reaching 17,000 subscribers and 1 MILLION views!!! yes that’s MILLION with a capital M, I thought it was about time to do a give away!

In light of this let me give you all a little history lesson on my username and then we’ll get right into the details of the giveaway. It was the year 2000 I had just begun my venture into the world of #gamedev and I found this amazing piece of software on the internet (which back then was a dial-up 28k modem) called RPG Maker 2000…. Naturally i “obtained” a copy since back then it was not legitimately in English and promptly began work on the crappiest most generic RPG ever made in history!

Some Months later I was ready to distribute my game but i needed an alias online to distribute it under…. no company was going to publish a game made by some 10 year old! So…. i named myself “RM2KDEV” and launched my terrible game… thankfully its long gone, lost or dead on an old IDE drive! For those I left wondering what does RM2KDEV stand for even? RM: RPG Maker, 2k: 2000, Dev: Development. And there you have it, my username as it was and is outlined for all!

Now for the giveaway i have 2 copies of RPG Maker VX Ace and 2 copies of Game Character Hub a fantastic piece of software for sprite asset creation that ties in perfectly with RPG Maker VX Ace for a total of 4 prizes to give away!

To enter simply subscribe to my youtube channel and share this post on your preferred social network (facebook, twitter, g+, etc) 

Leave your YouTube Display Name in the comments section of THIS post! Winners will be contacted via YouTube private inbox.

Dont forget to watch some videos and leave a like if you like them!

Prizes will be awarded as steam keys, Terms and conditions of entry subject to change at any time.
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