Making Biolab Chronicles Part 8

Version 0.09 – Things that fly above your guy

I’ve contracted a professional writer to begin working on the story for the game this is based on ideas and thoughts that came out of a multi-hour long brainstorming session had at 2am on a worknight…. and you can rest assured its going to be great im planning for roughly 2 – 3 hours of game play with another 20 minutes of cut scene time added on top of that. The book i’m having written will be 7 chapters long each chapter referring to a point in the game play.

So regarding these so called cut scenes, each part of the story will contain a short introduction these introductions are being turned into comic strips at ultra high resolution by a fantastically talented artist who specializes in horror imagery one this  is completed i will be animating the comic slides using some nice software and finally the comic strip dialog will be provisionally recorded in my home studio by some talented voice actors. So hopefully in the coming weeks i will have something to show you guys!

Speaking of changes in the video above i have added a new layer to the engine that automatically z generates shadows and orders its self to give a nice illusion of depth in the maps hopefully i can use this to bring another level of depth to the engine.

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