Bank Robbery Plans – Non Suspicious Version

Robbing Banks Not Cool
Robbing Banks Not Cool

Bank Robbery Plans – Non Suspicious Version 0.1

One Line: Enter a bank, walk to the teller, rob her and escape without getting caught. Three Line: Player enters a local bank, the screen is bright, player drags finger to the teller and taps the rob button upon robbing the lights go out and the player must remember the path he/she took to enter in order to escape. enemies pause while your not moving Art Style: Orientation: Landscape Suggested: tiled floors, solid walls, desks. all NPC objects are emoticon style faces. guards are placed strategically around. your players face is normal until you commit the crime then you become a criminal face. When the robbery is done the room goes dark, the guards have a ring of light around them, the player has a ring of light around him. Game Play Overview: Player enters target zone. from the main entry. there could be 1 or more exits it is upto the player to decide which one to remember the path to this leads to strategic decisions 1 exit may be impossible but another may be easier. When the player is moving, the input leaves a trail of dots for the player’s sprite to follow. Upon robbing the bank the lights go dark, red / blue siren lights will flash from the exits indicating police presence outside and providing ambient lighting. all NPCs stop moving now the player uses his finger to leave behind pacman dots that your character will follow you must now find your way to an exit. Difficulty will be presented in three  forms, level size, guard count, alerter status. An easy level will be the size of the screen, a harder level may require some pre-exploration before robbing the bank in order to find the exits. (potential feature: eps, exit positioning system 😛 its like gps for exits or perhaps a tool that has a cooldown to unlock the reward (such as a drill, picklocks or sci fi hackery stuff)) A harder level may contain guards at every exit. but contain ‘heros’ or ‘alerters’ when a hero or alerter sees you he will inform the nearest guard to him/herself of your ‘spotted’ location that guard will then move to that point potentially leaving an exit unattended if you strategically let an alerter see you.

Theoretical Time Required = 23 Hours SlackerFactor = 1.8776 Actual Time Required = 43.18 Hours  (23 Hours * SlackerFactor)

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