Pixel Art Studio – Auto Line Correction

Hello everyone,
Firstly i’d like to apologize for the lack of knowing what the hell i was talking about in that video i don’t actually know the correct terms for what i am trying to explain since i am a programmer not an artist

I would like to show you guys a Pixel Art Studios latest function. After i built Swatchy (www.swatchy.net) palette editor for a friend who showed me the lack of ‘good’ tools for pixel artists to create art i felt inspired to create a dedicated studio for making and creating pixel art.

Sure there’s Photoshop  gimp, paint? but none of these really cater to the pixel art community they are all ‘image editors’ with the ability to make pixes.

What i’m trying to achieve here is a tool that balances features with innovation and thus i would like to share the first of many innovations to come “Automatic Line Correction”

The line correction works on an algorithm i designed that essentially remove stray pixels from lines to make them look cleaner and crisper it takes an educated guess based on the last pixel it worked on and the direction that the line is heading if this guess reaches a certain level of accuracy then it will remove the stray pixels around its not always 100% accurate but as with all things there’s a trade off between performance an accuracy. currently I’ve got it set at a level i believe to be the best balance between performance, accuracy and overall usefullness

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