Swatchy – The ultimate palette editor

Welcome to Swatchy, the fastest easiest and coolest palette editor on the web designed for spritres with ideas requested by spriters. Swatchy implements the latest standards in design and as such its robust internal palette engine is more than capable to handle all of your spriting needs.

Easily edit sprite palettes and save them for quick access later
Swatchy Ultimate 1

Quickly find which colors are used to make sections of your imagesSwatchy Ultimate 2

Change them easily with the quick and minimal color swatch provided by windows.
Swatchy Ultimate 3

Easily work with multiple sprites
Swatchy Ultimate 4

And apply your palettes across multiple sprites using palettes you’ve saved earlier
Swatchy Ultimate 5

Swatch Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 7 or Higher
Microsoft .Net 4.5
Dual Core AMD / Intel CPU
External GPU Adapter (May work on internal ones)

Swatchy is currently in BETA please contact me via comment on this post for support.

Special thanks to Jennifer Dawe for letting me use her sprite’s to test and for supplying feature requests.

Get it at

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