Game Development Tips – Introduction

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Hello and welcome everybody to this series of game development related blog posts. Over the years through major failure and minor success I have started to gain what I believe is some insider knowledge to the game development process. Maybe this insider knowledge is just a refinement of my own personal game development habits and processes but I will attempt to share them with you all.

In the subsequent blog posts that follow this one I will be writing and sharing writing tips and tricks to help you in your game development journeys.

My Goals and Time frames

I’m planning on writing these tips and tricks as often as possible putting my thoughts into paper each topic will be roughly 1 x A5 page and may or may not include code depending on the subject obviously a post about graphics design or conceptual ideas will not have scripts attached to them. The overall goal with this project is not only to one freely share the information I’ve gathered and formulated myself over time with the game development community but also by the end of a year come out with enough quality pages to begin formulating a book on game design, efficient workflow and generic tips and tricks. Hopefully with your feedback through the comments section I will be able to tune and maybe even improve the content before attempting to compiling this information into a book.

Lets consider this an open beta and your all invited.

Final Notes

Dont forget to subscribeLast but not least just some reassurance that of course all the information presented will be freely available on this blog forever I wish you success in your game development and I hope anyone reading this experienced, amateur, indie or professional will join me on this journey to create these game development tips and tricks.

So please feel free to subscribe to the blog or check back regularly for updates.


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